This is the IKF Jay Z 4:44 album music special! Joining me on this episode is a very talented up and coming rap artist  from Wichita Samuel David but many of you might know him as Big Sam. We break this album down from my view of Jay Z being a product of perfect timing, Sam breaks down why Jay Z is the greatest, we dig into the weeds of much of the subject matter and themes, and Sam introduces a conversation on how black men suffer from low emotional intelligence. It's so much but we fit it all into an hour. Just like other specials, this one has a full video episode and you can watch it below. Thanks to R Coffee House for letting us film, Kenny Lin and Tugris Media for doing all the work to make me look good. Enjoy the show and please share with the people alot of good discussion to chime in on!

For more on Big Sam aka Samuel David:
Samuel David single "BIFA" from the album The Book of Samuel David

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