We tried something new! Podcasting in front of the people We stopped by the Queen X Fall Release party Flawless Salon and Boutique at 4540 E 13th st Wichita Kansas to talk to the CEO and Editor in Chief of Queen X Magazine Autumn Black. Not only do we talk to her but the audience at her event chimed in throughout making for some interesting and informative exchanges. We briefly touched on the Kenneka Jenkins mystery (which I will cover in a later episode), Queen X and what it's about, Financial intelligence, Autumn's other business ventures, making Caddilac Chronicles, being a vegetarian, and I had to also remind a room full of black women that black men don't cheat... I'm not sure that they took it well! You will want to hear this episode. THere was also some extra banter after the show ended. I'll be posting that audio soon! 

A little bit of news we at IKF are working on changing a few things with the show along with starting a new show. We may begin to do more shows where people can sit in and listen to the recordings and chime in. With how the show is growing every week and now you guys are beginning to email and hit me up with topics, this is just more to the growth. I have one taker as of typing this to give me a location but contact if you are in Wichita and have a spot that you wouldn't mind producing a show every week out of and lets get popping. 


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