It's day two of the Mental Health Awareness week of IKF and we get personal and heavy! I have an amazing filmmaker and an overall sage joining me by the name of Ja'tovia Gary. Ja'tovia is a filmmaker that has explored so many parts of culture as well as challenged the norms of filmmaking itself. She interned for Spike Lee and has a critically acclaimed film Cakes the Rapper that is truly a must watch.

Today is as honest as it is for me to type this. This one has a revelation about my personal life that makes it hard to find a way to write this summary. I have not listened to this episode since recording it as it is way more open than I ever wanted but it was important and the whole reason why I decided to do this whole. Ja'tovia played a very crucial part in this whole moment. I hope that whole ever listens to this and suffers from mental health or knows somebody can understand how hard all of this can be at times. I can not pretend to know the right words ...so listen ...

More on Ja'Tovia Gary:

Suicide Hotline (If you are thinking it and don't know what to do just call):

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Mane Dame Magazine

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For More Resources and information on Mental Health and Disorders 
National Alliance for Mental Illness

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