Day Three of Four of the IKF Mental Health Awareness Week and today we talk alternatives with a host of another local podcast ICT Connect and photographer RAQs. I know people love their pills and meds when it comes to solving problems but also I recognize that some people don't trust it and would rather explore other options vs long term perscriptions. RAQs is currently in a position where she is attempting to find a solution for her issue without adding more chaos to her madness. We explore the many holistic and physical examples she has attempted in order to reach a place of balance.

ICT Connect is a podcast that she host with musician Kimberly as they bring you the best of Wichita from culture, arts, and lifestyle. THey have on many movers and shakers in the city and host live every Tuesday at 9pm from the R Coffeehouse. A great listen. 

More on RAQs: 

Suicide Hotline (If you are thinking it and don't know what to do just call):

Sponsors for Mental Health Week:
Mane Dame Magazine

The Kitchen (237 E Douglas Wichita Ks) 


For More Resources and information on Mental Health and Disorders 
National Alliance for Mental Illness 

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