Are you tired of talking about Colin Kaepernick? Me too! But wait there's more... This is it! The last time I bring up this topic until something substantial happens in the NFL or in CK football life.  To close it out I invited the Sports Columnist of The Dallas Weekly Lewis Flanagan III on to talk about how we got here and the state of affairs of protest within the league. We talk about Waka Flocka comments about his identity, Houston Texans protest against their owner, Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and yes Colin Kaepernick. We dig deep below the surface. Is the protest working, was it real or for self-gain, is the messaging correct, and many other facets of this topic. It is a good one and we also talk about the ever-growing sport in the black community Lacrosse in which Lewis is both a fan and coach of. We had so much to talk about and didn't hit everything but no holds barred we go for it for the culture.Don't Miss this Episode.

If you do not share or like any episode, I hope this is one you do because it was very needed and one that has so many textures and layers to it but stays inciteful on the content of a narrative that has been destroyed through the lack of understanding. Check it out tell a friend and join the conversation! 

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