We are back! So its been a busy couple of weeks along with a sick couple of weeks and so much has happened but as well I have done a crap tone of recording. I am trying to decide what to do for the next few weeks going into the holiday because 2018 we are going bigger than we have been withthe network. Anywho, new episode solo show I was still recovering from illness half a voice but we were talking about Keaton Jones, the Alabama Election, what I have been doing  and we do a preview of the new show Who Up while talking about the presentation that led to some great opportunities. So I may do some special new episodes or I may do some best of until the new new year. WE shall see but we have not went anywhere . Oh and go over to arowefilms.com to see what I have been doing as well and the facebook page where we did the first livestream episode of Catch These Hands podcast. 

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