Episode 65 we linked with Nnanna Okpara owner and director of Festive ICT an event planning organization that has put on many events like the Taco Fest and sneaker expo I Got Sole. He is bringing another event this year to Wichita called ICT Pizza Fest. With many local vendors and of course the love for pizza  I can't wait to try out whats there. He also brought to the show with him Mike Watkins owner of one of the vendors of ICT Pizza Fest Kolace on the corner of Tyler and 13th in the Tyler Pointe shopping mall. We talk about Festive ICT, Pizza Fest, the controversy at Taco Fest 2017, learning from mistakes, what doesn't belong on a pizza (spoiler alert: FRUIT!), what is a Kolace, I got Sole, i try a real kolace for the first time, and we talk about the best pizza we had growing up. And Nnanna tells us a Wichita fun fact Pizza Hut the largest pizza company in the world is actually a local company started in Wichita, Ks.

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Trailer for "From the Ground Up"

For more info on Pizza Fest 2018 and Festive ICT http://ictpizzafest.com 

Artist Spotlight : Dice Ailes  - Otedola

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