Episode 3 of the Catch These Hands podcast features wrestler, mma grinder, and grappling artist Manny"Mandog Meraz. Coming off another dominating win at EFC 7 Manny talks about picking up MMA at an older age, traveling around the world fighting, picking between family and fighting, and why he hates being told goodluck before a fight! BUT WAIT there is more!. Manny is known for jumping into controversy from his radical opinions to the world of conspiracy, Manny and I hit a series of topics like why he feels Taxes are THeft, the Las Vegas shooting, gun rights, media control and so much more. This is one you do not want to miss! Enough that I had to edit one controversial topic out and I hate censorship but I do not want those problems!!!! Don't forget to check out "David Rickels presents The 4 Horsemen" short film at arowefilms.com. 

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